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 About me

I was born in Chicago Illinois in 1972. I have lived in several states throughout my life. I became interested in photography at the age of 13 and quickly came to realize that I had a knack of not only taking photographs but making photographs come to life.

Once into adulthood, I took my knowledge of photography into the entertainment industry where I have worked as a Director of Photography, and Director in several Public Service Announcements and independent films.  I enjoy travelling and making adventures happen. Looking at life differently!!

I started my photography career shooting Landscapes, but have since changed genres to Street photography.  I shoot a lot in Skid Row Downtown Los Angeles, where I have developed an urge to help others in ways that most people do not have the ability or capabilty to...


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Email: s.mazzarano72@gmail.com                             |  Phone: (805)244-6648

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